Blockchains, Virtual Currencies, Smart Contracts and DAO's

Blockchains are distributed ledgers that can provide an immutable record of information, instructions and/or transactions between un-trusted individuals or entities. Blockchains are the fundamental technology underlying virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. Smart Contracts utilize instructions embedded within a blockchain to implement contractual agreements between entities. Distributed autonomous organizations are sets of smart contracts that automate the entire corporate business process.

Ron is the current Chair of the Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Committee of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.  He has worked on several blockchain/currency legal matters, both as a lawyer and as an expert witness.  Ron's experience includes:

  • Architecting business IT infrastructure to take advantage of blockchain technology

  • Drafting smart contracts, particularly those using the OpenLaw and Clause systems

  • Drafting and filing documents of incorporation with states (such as Vermont) that allow blockchain-based LLC's

  • Forensically analyzing sets of transactions with a virtual currency to determine where the money went (and how)

  • Advising companies how to protect blockchain applications with intellectual property rights

Ron is a frequent speaker on this topic.  Here is a list of his most recent presentations:

Distributed Autonomous Organizations

These are the slides from a presentation made to a joint meeting of the Houston-area chapters of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) and InfraGuard Tech SIG on January 26, 2017. This presentation addressed cryptocurrencies, blockchains, smart contracts, smart property, distributed autonomous organizations, distributed autonomous corporations and jurisdiction over them.

Alternative Uses for Bitcoin-Technology in Law

This is the paper version of the presentation on Bitcoins and Blockchains that was presented at the Advanced Business Law Seminar in Dallas, Texas on November 17, 2016. This paper is an introduction to blockchains and is intended as a primer for the slide presentation.