Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. As intellectual property is a government-granted monopoly, in some cases, the antitrust laws can be implicated.

This firm provides intellectual property and e-commerce services in the following categories.


Patent Strategy

Patent Infringement Analysis & Opinions

Patent Licensing

Post Grant Opposition

Inter Partes Reexam

Patent Portfolio Management


Trademark Choices & Strategies

Trademark Infringement

Trademark Licensing

Trademark Assignments

Trademark Portfolio Management


Copyright Strategies

Applications for Registration

Copyright Infringement Analysis & Opinions

Copyright Licensing

Software License Strategies

Open Source Licensing Compliance

Handling BSA and SIIA Software Audits

General Intellectual Property

Comprehensive IP Strategies

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Technology Licensing

Non-Competition Agreement Clauses

IP Clauses in Employment Agreements

Provide Policies for the Use of Company Computer Assets

Electronic Commerce

Data Breach/Notification

Terms of Use Agreements for Websites

Privacy Policies for Websites and Apps

Data Privacy and Identity Theft

Domain Name Disputes and ICANN Proceedings

Trade Secrets

Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Trade Secret Misappropriation

Mechanics of Maintaining Trade Secrets

Protection of Databases


Ron has made many presentations on intellectual property issues. Here is a brief list of some of his IP-related presentations.

Patents & Small Companies

This is a presentation about how smaller companies can and should address patent issues (depending upon the size of the opponent). This presentation was for the Second Annual Energy Industry Intellectual Property Law Conference on March 22, 2018.

Asset and Database Protection

These were the slides that accompanied my lecture to my class entitled "Digital Transactions" at the University of Houston Law Center (where I was an Adjunct Professor) on October 17, 2006.