These are downloadable copies of presentation slides and papers on a variety of legal/technology subjects that Ron has published.

Alternative Uses for Bitcoin-Technology in Law

This is the paper version of the presentation on Bitcoins and Blockchains that was presented at the Advanced Business Law Seminar in Dallas, Texas on November 17, 2016. This paper is an introduction to blockchains and is intended as a primer for the slide presentation.

Security Audits

An outline of what in-house counsel should know about cyber-security in general, with links to checklists and more information about cyber-security audits.

60 Apps in 60 Minutes -- The Friday Slides

These are the slides to the 60 Apps in 60 Minutes presentation to the Annual Meeting of the State Bar of Texas on June 17, 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas. This presentation was made with Mr. Tony Ray (of Tyler), Mr. David Coker (of Fort Worth) and Ms. Laura Leonetti (of Houston).

60 Apps in 60 Minutes -- The Thursday Slides

This is the first of two installments of 60 Apps in 60 Minutes by the Computer & Technology Section of the State Bar of Texas on June 16, 2016. These slides include the typical phone/tablet apps, but also software programs and websites. This set of slides was presented by Mr. Tony Ray (of Tyler), Mr. Michael Peck (of Flatonia), Mr. Michael Curran (of Austin) and Mr. Shannon Warren (of Houston).

Leveraging "Big Data" to Track the Unwary

A presentation on ways that "Big Data" corporations track the online activities of attorneys and how such tracking can adversely affect the attorney (or be used by an opponent to affect a subsequent lawsuit). Presented to the Houston Chapter of InfraGuard on December 2, 2015 in Houston, Texas.

The Cybersecurity Landscape

An assessment of the cybersecurity situation for businesses and lawyers. Presented at the Advanced Business Law Seminar in Houston, Texas on November 19, 2015.

Computer Forensics - Tracking the Hacker

Presented at a webinar for the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) on November 17, 2015. There was a panel of three individuals who covered how to detect a hacker, how to find the hacker, and then what to do about it. My focus was on the latter of the three, and in particular what evidence do you need to collect in order to make a case against the hacker.

Controls Over Artificial Agents

Presentation regarding business controls over software containing artificial intelligence. Presented to the Greater Houston Area Chapter of ISACA on September 17, 2015.

The Changing Face of Control

Presentation on how social and economic forces are changing what business controls are enacted, and how they will be applied. Made to the Greater Houston Area Chapter of ISACA on August 17, 2015.

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